How To Improve Your PC Performance By 300%

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Has this ever happened to you? You wake up early in the morning. Open your your windows 8.1 pc. And surprise, surprise. Your pc is taking decades loading up. Now you begin to feel frustrated because you can’t get that project done.

That is the feeling i had with my windows 8.1 pc (4GB ram, 64-bit processor and 500HD storage space). I felt like throwing the pc away. I can imagine what you are feeling right now. But things are about to change. Now i want to share with you, how you can supercharge your pc performance by 300%. And I’ve learned this from the¬†pc¬†support company RepairandRestore. These guys can fix almost any computer out there! And I not joking.

So lets begin.

Analyse Your PC Healthy Performance(Easy Way To Check This).

When your pc is slow, you need to examine a couple of things like CPU usage, disk space and memory. And the first place to go is task manager. To Access this area just press ctr+shift+escape. You will get a tons of informations of what exactly is happening to your PC.

Here is what to look for. If your CPU usage is above 65%, then find out program that are eating most of your pc and disable them. A rule of thumb for you: A good PC should have a CPU usage of 50% and below. If you can make it operate below 30% the better.

The second most important thing to do is disable unwanted startup program. This are services that run your background even if this PC doesn’t need them. And most of them are 3rd party services and tools. In the task manager just head over to start up icon and disable anything that may not be of use to you.

Cut Down On Animations And Shadows.

Windows 8.1 has animations and shadows effect features to help improve your user interface. This are unnecessary things. To disable these features press Win+R. A dialogue box will pop up and you will type sysdm.cpl. Press enter and head over to advanced tab to access the setting button present in performance.

Here a window will pop and you will uncheck the following features:

  • Animate controls and elements inside windows
  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
  • Animations in the taskbar
  • Fade or slide menus into view
  • Fade or slide ToolTips into view
  • Fade out menu items after clicking
  • Save taskbar thumbnail previews
  • Show shadows under mouse pointer
  • Show shadows under windows
  • Show translucent selection rectangle
  • Slide open combo boxes
  • Smooth-scroll list boxes

Clean UP Your Disk Space

When your disk space is full. Your PC is vulnerable for slow performance. And the best way to do this is to free more space to it.

Here is how to do it. Step one, right-click on the hard drive of your computer window and select properties. Step two, click the disc clean button and select the files your want to clean. The files that you will remove are: temporary internet files, downloaded program files. The list is long. But one rule of thumb is for you is to check the files that take more storage space.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Programs

If you have stayed with windows 8.1 for more than once 8 months. You probably downloaded programs now and then in course of browsing. And maybe you never get back to them. I have done that once.

To get rid of this clutter. Open your pc control panel. Head over to program and features. Uninstall the program that your are not using and are taking the most spaces.

It Time For More RAM

Most computer buyers don’t understand the functions of RAM. Let me spill the beans here today. The more RAM your PC has the faster it is. RAM is like horsepower in car, the more horsepower the faster the car can go. The options that can be available for you now are. It is either you upgrade your PC by adding more RAM like extra 2GB or 4GB. Or just buy a new PC. And this time just check for ram and the 64 bit intel processor. And before you upgrade your PC’s RAM, check if it has two slots. There are some PC that have only one slot.

Take Your PC To The Original State

Sometimes the best short-cut to take is to reset your entire PC. But do this religiously because you can lose the best informations. Resetting your PC, will take back your PC to the state you bought it. This will clean up installed programs and give your PC that fresh new look.

Applying the above six steps should be able to improve your windows 8.1 performance by 300%. To get the most of your pc make sure that you carry out regularly disk cleaning once per week.

I am sharing with you one video that might be useful for you as well.

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